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Available Job Positions:

  • Kennel Technician

The Kennel Technician is responsible for feeding, watering, cleaning, walking, bathing, and monitoring the well being of dogs and cats.

Principle duties:
* Walk dogs on leash to and from any fenced exercise area. Ensure that they are restrained and under control at all times in kennel area.
* Follow procedures in cleaning and sanitizing all pet enclosures, exercise yards, and common areas.
* Prepare meals and feed animal according to clients' instructions.
* Play with pets, including exercise walks, doggie day care, fetch, etc.
* Rinse and refill water bowls on a continuous basis.
* Assist in laundry duties and maintenance/facility duties such as safe walkways, inventory, kennel grounds, cleaning products used, garbage, proper functioning of kennel equipment, etc.
* Assist other employees as needed.
* Continuously monitor & maintain accurate kennel records on the chart that include, special diets and requirements, your observations of behavior and status of pet, and treatments or medications administered. Pay particular attention to signs of distress, illness or injury.
* Assist kennel manager in daily operating activities. Inform kennel manager of anything out of the ordinary.

* History of caring for dogs and/or cats (e.g. vet clinic, shelter, or at home).
* Have the ability and desire to provide gentle, compassionate care for all pet clients.
* Pay attention to detail.
* Have physical strength, mobility, and stamina to lift and/or move heavy pets and objects, and able to handle maintenance/facility and cleaning duties.
* Effective communication and record-keeping skills.
* Able to multi-task and handle responsibility.

  • Receptionist

The Receptionist is responsible for scheduling appointments, managing the kennel's client database, answer phones, greet clients with a smile, and check our pets clients in and out.

Principle duties:
* Provide basic information to clients including pricing, location, hours in person and on the phone. Respond in a manner that encourages potential clients to visit the kennel/day care.
* Review various new client/consent forms with clients, explain them, answer questions, and have clients complete and sign the forms.
* Advise clients of recommended services for their pets.
* Explain special programs offered by the kennel/day care
* Schedule appointments and record any special diet/medication/client instructions in notes.
* Handle anger with a calm and reassuring manner.

* Attention to detail and organizational skills
* Effective record keeping and communication skills
* Computer skills and desire/ability to learn Kennel Link
* Positive attitude & friendly interaction with clients
* Previous experience not required. We will train willing applicants.